In 2005, the Zhou Brothers developed a Sculpture Park. The area of 160 acres in size in Michigan was the former Don Kurbis Tennis Camp.The Zhou Brothers realized a long sought after dream of their artistic fantasies. They fulfilled their vision for the pleasure of sculpture by creating 12 steel sculptures and placing them into a natural landscape. Zhou B Sculpture Park maintains the beauty found in nature, with lush grass, and shrubbery, as well as an abundance of trees creating a whimsical atmosphere. Elegantly placed sculptures are standing tall in nature as if they had always been there, just as the wild animals, which inhabit the area, such as deer, turkeys and coyotes.


​Established in 1991, the Zhou Brothers Art Foundation is a private, nonprofit organization designed to facilitate the exchange of contemporary art between Chicago and the international art community.

The foundation operates a program of four exhibits a year, presenting artists who have won recognition for their social, political and conceptual impact in the field of contemporary art and society. The Foundation also hosts an artist residency program, providing accommodation and facilities for 6 weeks in the US.