Get ready to encounter an art installation like no other! “Energy,” a one-night-only event, is an incredibly beautiful experience, inspiring visitors to Zhou B Art Center through the insightful storytelling of renowned photographer Abigail Zoe Martin and the subjects she interviewed. “Energy” takes you on a magical journey using portraits, art installations, science and audio to showcase the adversities and triumphs of people from all walks of life. Many of those featured in the exhibit are from Chicago.

Martin spent the past three years photographing and interviewing everyone from authors, journalists, integrative doctors, marine biologists, healers, beekeepers, organic farmers, and everyone in between.

You will hear stories about near-death experiences, sudden miraculous healing, and sound therapy that cured cancer. Those interviewed share their life-transforming stories in their own words.

These inspiring moments show us all, our potential is unlimited and miracles really do exist. The exhibit explores how thoughts manifest and become things, how meditation can heal, that trees talk to each other (they really do) and that we are all part of a beautiful vibrant living organism.

“Energy” is a free event and a gift to the city of Chicago. It was created to bring light, love, build communities, and bring positive stories to life. The exhibit is a partnership with the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events. After the one-night-only event, all of the interviews and images will be available on www.energy-unltd.com, to continue to inspire the world.

Beyond the Brush: Mark Making in Abstraction

The Zhou B Art Center in Chicago is proud to announce the opening of “Beyond the Brush: Mark Making in Abstraction”, an art exhibit curated by Sergio Gomez. The exhibition explores the creative ways in which artists have utilized alternative tools, techniques, and materials to produce abstract paintings.

The opening reception for the exhibition will take place on March 17, 2023, from 7 to 10 pm. The public is invited to attend and enjoy meeting the artists while viewing the impressive collection of abstract works.

“Beyond the Brush: Mark Making in Abstraction” features a diverse selection of abstract paintings from artists who have embraced innovative and unconventional mark-making techniques. Found objects, layering and mixing of media, and other alternative tools and techniques have been utilized by artists to create unique textures and mark-making effects.

Curated by Sergio Gomez, “Beyond the Brush: Mark Making in Abstraction” presents a broad range of abstract works that explore the expressive potential of mark-making. The exhibit features works from artists BOJITT, Drew Harris, Michael Ireland, Sebastien Johnson, Hai S. Lam, MKODJ, and Carlos Santos.

The exhibition will run from March 17 to May 12, 2023, and is a must-see for art enthusiasts, collectors, and anyone interested in contemporary abstract art.

For more information about “Beyond the Brush: Mark Making in Abstraction”, please contact the gallery directly.

Zhou B Art Center
1029 W 35th St
Chicago, IL 60609
(773) 523-0200

Light & Beyond

An exhibition of figurative paintings by 30 artists from the US and abroad. Liberating the Flesh centers the human form as the subject of human expression. From figurative abstraction to realism, these works help us see and experience the figure in various contemporary ways.

John Fan, PhD is a medical physicist in radiation oncology. Besides his outstanding professional career, John is also a world renowned photographer. He is the winner of many prestigious photography awards. His work has been published extensively in international magazines, books, and gallery exhibitions, including solo exhibits in China. His photography books “Rational Inspiration” and “Talks about Photography” were published in 2017 and 2019 respectively. His photography blog enjoys 1 million readers and 44,000 subscribers. He is also a curator of the online photo gallery 1X.com and its China ambassador, co-founder of the acclaimed 4Aperture fine art photography group, and founder of Raying Photography Group. All his photography works are presented on his personal website: https://johnfanphotography.com

Leah Xu works for a healthcare organization as a data architect. She has a warm and artistic family. She loves travel, singing, cooking, and is especially passionate on nature photography. Leah is enthusiastic on public-spirited activities, and involved in some local community services as a volunteering. She has won numerous awards in various competitions and has published many works in international media. 作品(Link of works): https://1x.com/member/leahxu/photos/latest

John Chen is a small business owner. Photography is his main hobby. He is the founder of the Chicago Birding Forum. He has been very active in stage photography for many years, being the appointed photographer for many Chicago art groups. He specializes in landscapes, wildlife, and portraits and has won numerous awards in various competitions. His work has been published in international media. He is a contract photographer with Solent Photo Agency. 作品(Link of works): https://1x.com/member/laoniujohn/photos/latest

Hanping (HP) is a senior partner of a public accounting firm in the Chicago area. He loves music, photography, travel, cooking and DIY. HP is dedicated to social services. He is currently a board member and treasurer of the world-renowned chamber music group – Civitas Ensemble. HP specialized in landscape and wildlife photography, for which he has won numerous awards in various competitions and has published many works in international media. 作品(Link of works): https://1x.com/member/HPphotography/photos/latest

James Cai operates a business. He loves to travel and to see the world. He has set foot in many places of the world; encountered different walks of lives; and enjoyed many breathtaking sceneries of world wonders. Photography is his poetry and his appreciation of ventures. He has won numerous awards in various competitions and his works have been published in international media. He is also a contract photographer of Solent Photo Agency. 作品(Link of works): https://1x.com/member/jamescai/photos/latest

Chao Feng, Ph.D in Computer Science, is a Senior Lead Software Engineer in Silicon Valley specializing in Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics. Photography is always Chao’s top passion in multiple subjects including Landscape, Nature and People. He has won multiple awards in the past and is generous to give back to the community. He has shared his photography knowledge in multiple community seminars and has won praises. He currently serves as a Vice Chairman in San Francisco Photographer Association. 作品(link of work):https://1x.com/twohorses

Yanny Liu is a statistician and Leader of the Programmer Team in a top ranked statistics company. Photography is her major hobby to express herself and her vision from the physicalness to mindfulness. Her other interests including literature, history, and music also contribute stylistic influences on her photography. Her photography covers landscapes, telling the story between the interaction of nature and humans; wildlife, understanding the world of animals and protecting the animals; and artistic photography, exhibiting the abstract aspects of her visualization. She has won multiple world photography prizes, and is also dedicated to public service including community service for seniors, organization of local photographic activities and training new photography enthusiasts. Currently, she is the head editor of Northwest Photograph Club, and president of the CCACC Photography Club in the Washington DC metropolitan area. 作品(link of work):https://1x.com/littlebirdusa

Ruiqing (Yang) Pamboukian, Ph.D in Molecular Biology, Senior Scientist works at a Federal Government Agency. She is a Public Health Service, Commissioned Corps active duty officer, serving on the front lines of public health in the country. Photography is her way to express herself in art. She is passionate in landscape and wildlife photography. Her Photography works won multiple awards in the past. She is also dedicated to public welfare and serves leadership roles in several non-profit organizations. She is the past President of the CCACC Photo Club in the Washington DC metropolitan area. 作品(link of work):https://1x.com/Ryang002

Jianping Yang, Ph. D. in Mathematics, is a Principal Software Developer at SAS Institute. He loves travel and photography (mainly in landscape and nature). He is passionate about public service and giving back to the community by volunteering. He served as principal of a local Chinese school and was the past President and current Board Chair of Chinese American Friendship Association of Northern Carolina. 作品(link of work):https://1x.com/jianpingyang

ZhiHui Xie (Louise) Her studies and early work were related to the major of architecture. She is currently an IT specialist. In her spare time, she likes photography, travel, painting, flower arrangement, and cooking, She is passionate in multiple photography subjects including landscapes, humanities, and wildlife, etc. Her photographic works have won honors in PSA, and other photography competitions, and have been published in international photographic media multiple times. 作品(Link of works): https://1x.com/LouiseXie