Get ready to encounter an art installation like no other! “Energy,” a one-night-only event, is an incredibly beautiful experience, inspiring visitors to Zhou B Art Center through the insightful storytelling of renowned photographer Abigail Zoe Martin and the subjects she interviewed. “Energy” takes you on a magical journey using portraits, art installations, science and audio to showcase the adversities and triumphs of people from all walks of life. Many of those featured in the exhibit are from Chicago.

Martin spent the past three years photographing and interviewing everyone from authors, journalists, integrative doctors, marine biologists, healers, beekeepers, organic farmers, and everyone in between. You will hear stories about near-death experiences, sudden miraculous healing, and sound therapy that cured cancer. Those interviewed share their life-transforming stories in their own words.

These inspiring moments show us all, our potential is unlimited and miracles really do exist. The exhibit explores how thoughts manifest and become things, how meditation can heal, that trees talk to each other (they really do) and that we are all part of a beautiful vibrant living organism.

“Energy” is a free event and a gift to the city of Chicago. It was created to bring light, love, build communities, and bring positive stories to life. The exhibit is a partnership with the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events. After the one-night-only event, all of the interviews and images will be available on www.energy-unltd.com, to continue to inspire the world.