Chromatic Convergence

Chromatic Convergence invites you to witness a curated collection that celebrates the multifaceted ways in which artists perceive, interpret, and interact with color. In this vibrant assembly of paintings and photographs, we unlock the door to the artists’ inner worlds, where color acts as both muse and medium. With a deft blend of abstraction and figuration, each artist presents a unique manifestation of color’s intrinsic essence.

Color, more than a mere visual stimulus, resonates deeply within the creative soul. From David Hummer’s evocative brushstrokes to Peter Blindt’s enigmatic abstract compositions, every artwork on display encapsulates the artist’s sense and sensibility towards color. The exhibition becomes a symphony of emotions, where color serves as a reference, a symbol, a conceptual vessel, or an outpouring of expressive sentiment.

“Chromatic Convergence” features a collection of works by Melissa Arostegui, Peter Blindt, Donna Bliss, Joanna Cislak, Karen Fike, Deanna Gibson, David Gista, Richard Herschberger, David Hummer, Robin Malpass, Jane Michalski, Nancy Natow-Cassidy, Cynthia Roberts, and Roslyne Smith.

Opening Reception: August 18, 2023, from 7:00 to 10:00 pm.