Awakening Earth 5

Awakening Earth: Narratives of Spring

Curated by: Sergio Gomez

About the Exhibition

Curated by Sergio Gomez, “Awakening Earth: Narratives of Spring” is an innovative dual-exhibition that spans both the tangible and the digital spaces. This exhibition invites viewers on a journey through the myriad ways artists interpret the awakening of the earth as winter’s grasp loosens and spring’s first tendrils emerge. Through a curated selection of contemporary paintings, the exhibition explores the multifaceted narratives of spring—a time of unparalleled growth, blossoming beauty, and the rebirth of nature’s vibrant palette.

“Awakening Earth: Narratives of Spring” celebrates the cyclical dance of life, where death and dormancy give way to life and vibrancy. It reflects on the broader implications of growth and renewal in our lives and communities, prompting a dialogue on how the themes of bloom and rejuvenation can inspire positive change. This encourages us to consider our roles in nurturing and protecting the environment that sustains us.

The physical exhibition at the Zhou B Art Center in Chicago offers an intimate exploration of spring’s transformative essence, where each piece serves as a window into the artist’s personal engagement with the season. Simultaneously, a parallel augmented reality exhibition extends this experience into the digital domain, accessible online at www.sergiogomezcurates.net.

Curated by Sergio Gomez, this exhibition is a testament to the power of art to connect us with the natural world and with each other. Whether experienced in person at the Zhou B Art Center or through the augmented reality platform online, “Awakening Earth: Narratives of Spring” is an ode to the beauty of life’s perpetual renewal and the endless cycle of life.

The exhibition runs from March 15 to May 10, 2024.

Selected Artists

Montserrat Alsina
Mark Banks
Jason Branscum
Carmen Chami
Kei J. Constantinou
Laurence de Valmy
Karen Fike
Linda Friedman Schmidt
Eva Evangelista
Kathleen Heitmann
Andrea F Huffman
David Gista
Michael Ireland
Phil Irish
Sarah Kaiser-Amaral
Kasia Kay
Ananda Kesler
Sarah Larsen
Barbara Leahy-Edwards
Shari LeMonnier
Diana Leviton Gondek
Francisco Marin
Sarah McAllister
David E. Morris
Fred Moss
Nancy Natow-Cassidy
InJung Oh
Deborah Perlman
Danielle Probst
Patricia RAIN Gianneschi
Anke Richert-Korioth
Brenda Robson
Kathleen Roman
Jordan Scott
Linda Scholly
Beth Shadur
Jennifer Small
Joalida Smit
Jessica Smit Mattingly
Roslyne Smith
Tiphanie Spencer
S. Manya Stoumen-Tolino
Beth Swanson
Kasia Szczesniewski
Chris Turner
Erika Vazzana
Vincent Vittorini
Colette Wright Adams