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The Legend of the Zhou Brothers [周氏传奇]

The Zhou Brothers are among the most legendary and established cultural figures in the contemporary art world. Originally from China, they have been residing in Chicago for the last thirty years. As artists, they live in a world of the self. Their art is made to explore the topic through inquiry about humankind itself. Their life reflects their pursuit of art, which is a heroic journey to conquer the world.

Zhou Brothers: 40 Years of Collaboration Pt. I

Collaborating since 1973, ShanZuo and DaHuang work together on their paintings, performances, sculptures, and prints, often communicating without words in a so-called dream dialogue. Renowned for their unique collaborative work process, the Zhou Brothers are considered one of the most accomplished contemporary Chinese artists in the world. Their thinking, aesthetic, and creativity are a

Zhou Brothers in London

Sinclair Global, a global luxury marketing consultancy providing bespoke experiences across the spheres of art and culture, fashion, gourmet and lifestyle, invited the world renowned Zhou Brothers to London. The Zhou Brothers are one of the most accomplished

Zhou B Art Center: The Home of Artists

In the river of human history, in every generation the Artist belongs to a special niche of fantasy and creativity. Their poetic creation and expression enriches the human spirit, adding richness, wisdom, and color to our history. In our time, how can we give artists an environment for creation and the young generation a platform to show their talent? This was the beginning concept for the Zhou B Art Center.


What is the Zhou B Spirit? It is a sense of selflessness, a sense of sacrifice, and a commitment to lifting up others. Never taking “no” for an answer. Never giving up on your dreams. Always believe that everything and anything is possible, even going against the greatest of all odds. These are the things my father and uncle have been teaching me for as long as I can remember.